Hot & Hotter Copper Straightening Comb - Medium Teeth


Hot & Hotter Copper Straightening Comb - Medium Teeth

Medium teeth for quick & easy straightening.

Metal construction heats quickly with a temperature up to 500ºF

Wood construction keeps hands cool


  • Shampoo, rinse and toweled dry hair.
  • Blow dry hair and scalp completely. Section hair into equal amounts of about 1/2" length and depth of the comb.
  • Heat comb in thermal stove. 
  • According to hair type (low for fine, moderate for coarse) and test temperature.
  • Test temperature with paper towel. Comb is too hot if it scorches a paper towel. If scorching occurs unplug comb and allow the comb to cool.
  • Hold sectioned hair away from scalp. Comb hair outward, away from scalp, holding hair tightly against the back of the comb.
  • Clean the straightening comb before and after each use.