• M&M Beauty Platinum Edition 100% Brazilian Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair (Available in DISCOUNT BUNDLES!)

    $39.99 $20.00

    Available in Bundles of 1, 2, or 3. Buy more and SAVE MORE!

    Styles: Body Wave, Curly, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Straight

    Color: Natural

    100 gram

    Hair Care Instructions:

    Do Not

    1. Do not comb hair while wet.
    2. Do not use non-natural products for maintaining or cleaning hair.
    3. Do not frequently curl or straighten hair (Heat Damage!)


    1. Always sleep with your hair tied up in a bun with silk satin cap.
    2. Use clean vent brush or wide tooth comb.
    3. Comb hair from ends to top, this will prevent shedding.
    4. Make sure to untangle hair before shampooing. 
    5. When hair is dry, use a natural leave in conditioner.